Down in Front does The Donut Shop

by Down in Front

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released April 10, 2014

Julie Andrews: bass, guitar, vocals, banjo and ukulele
Japa: guitar, bass, vocals, banjo & piano
Deona "STX" Parfet: drums



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Down in Front California

A fun, high-energy, sexy duo from the Bay Area. These women are a blast to watch, and they know how to put on a show! Get ready for excitement, originality and fun when these talented, diverse, multi-instrumentalists hit the stage. Down in Front!

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Track Name: The Donut Shop
Why can't men be like donuts in a donut shop
All lined up in little plastic trays
You check the flavors, pick one out
So many donuts, so few days
Track Name: One Kiss, Tommy
One kiss, one kiss Tommy
One kiss for this cowgirl, awwww yeah!
Just one kiss, one kiss, Tommy
Before you pack, and head back - to Iowa
Track Name: Fallen for You
Fallen for you
Rock hard fallen for you
I can't help it if I'm just a hopeless fan
Fallen for you
Oh won't you take me, too
Trippin' around in your Vincent Van!
Track Name: The Moth
I knew that I was home when I nestled in the tree
It's strength against my back and Rio on my knee
I stretched my voice up to the clouds to serenade the angels there
In hopes that they would listen and close their eyes in prayer

You said, "I made a deal with God, insect body for a day
So I could perch on Yogi's beard and hear my angel play
Hear my angel play. Hear my angel pray."
Akaaal akaaal akaaal. Akaaal akaaal akaaal
Track Name: Diamond
Diamond, I know you're thinking about the Red one.
Diamond, I know you're thinking about the Red one
She's sitting right there, and she's in her chair
And she's thinking 'bout you
Track Name: Train Song
Take me home, train's commin' for me
Take me home, train's commin' for me
Take me home, train's commin' for me...
Track Name: Sugarlime
Wake me up if it's Rio calling
If my querida's on the line
Wake me up if it's Rio calling
I can sleep another time
Track Name: Ganga River
Cows walkin' down the steps
Pigs pissin' where I wash my clothes
The Ganga River
Track Name: White Rabbit
Go ask Alice, when she's 10 feet tall...
Track Name: Kiss Down Noriega
I blew a kiss down Noriega
I blew a kiss down Noriega
I blew a kiss down Noriega for you
Just sayin' hi, as me and Bert flashed by
'Cause that's the kind of thing I do
Track Name: My Bible Smells like Whiskey
Oh Lord, forgive me. Oh Lord, forgive me
My bible smells like whiskey
Don't know what I was thinkin' when I started drink in'
and gettin' all tipsy